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In The Scriptures

THE BIBLE TEACHES that the Scriptures of both the

Old Testament and New Testament are God’s complete

written revelation to man, verbally inspired, absolutely inerrant, completely trustworthy, and the only infallible rule of faith and practice.


II Tim.3:16-17; Psa.119:89; II Pet.1:20-21


In The Godhead

THE BIBLE TEACHES that there is One, and only One true and living God, and that He exists eternally in three Persons- Father, Son, and

Holy Spirit: One in essence, attributes, being,and purpose.


I John 5:7; Ex.3:14; I Pet.1:2-3


In God the Father

THE BIBLE TEACHES that God the Father is the first Person of the divine trinity, and that He is Almighty, omnipresent, omnipotent, and complete in omniscience. He is Father only to all who are born again through the Lord Jesus Christ.


Matt.28:19; Gen.17:1; Isa.6:3


In God the Son

THE BIBLE TEACHES that Jesus Christ eternally exists as the second Person of the divine trinity, and that He took on human flesh and was wholly man, never ceasing from being wholly God; and that He lived a perfectly sinless life and purchased the sinner’s redemption through His shed blood and substitutionary death on the cross, and that He raised from the dead three days later, and that He saves all that come to Him by faith, and that He is seated at the Father’s right hand now, making intercession for the saints, and that He is going to come back to the earth a second time, not as Savior, but as Judge.


John 1:1-3,14; Titus 3:3-5; Phil.2:5-8

       In God the Holy Spirit

THE BIBLE TEACHES that the Holy Spirit is the third Person of the divine trinity, and that He is eternally God, and the One who moved upon men to write the inspired Scriptures, and that He convicts, restrains, and regenerates the lost, and that He baptizes, indwells, empowers, illuminates, leads, teaches, sanctifies, and seals all believers, and that it is the duty of all believers to be filled (yielded to and controlled by) the Spirit, and of which, speaking in tongues is not an evidence.


John 14:16-17,26;16:7-13; Eph.1:13-14; Acts 1:8


In Man

THE BIBLE TEACHES that God created man from the dust of the ground, instantly, not over hundreds, thousands, millions, or billions of years, and with the appearance of age, and in His own image, and innocent; and that man sinned by disobedience to God and incurred physical and spiritual death; and that all men are now born with a sinful nature, are depraved, and cannot save themselves; and if man is not born again, he is eternally lost.


Gen.1:26-27; Jere.17:9; Rom.1:18;3:10-2


In Salvation

THE BIBLE TEACHES that salvation is necessary to all men everywhere to spend eternity with God, and that it is available only by God’s grace through faith in the shed blood, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and that He must be received as personal Savior from sin, and that man will never get saved apart from repentance toward God first, and that salvation cannot be obtained through any rites, ceremonies, sacraments, churches or works of any kind,

and that He is the only way to God.


Eph.2:8-10; John 1:12;5:24; Rom.10:9-13; Acts 4:12

 In The Gospel

THE BIBLE TEACHES that the Gospel of Christ is all about what

Jesus Christ did for us upon the cross and covers His shed blood, substitutionary atonement for our sin debt, death, burial, and literal resurrection from the dead; and “is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth…”, and that it is the responsibility of born again believers, who have been entrusted with the Good News, to be preached and witnessed of to the entire inhabitants of the earth; and that if the Gospel is added to in any measure or

taken away from in any measure,it becomes ‘another gospel’

and is powerless to save anyone.


I Cor.15:1-4; II Cor.5:21; Rom.1:16; II Thess.2:4; Gal.1:6-9

 In The Church

THE BIBLE TEACHES that only those who have received the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior are placed into His Body and comprise the Bride of Christ, His church; and that the local church is made up of baptized believers, and that it exists to worship and praise God in Spirit and in truth, and to preach and teach His Word, send forth missionaries, to tell the lost of Christ’s available salvation, fellowship with the saints of God, and equip believers to do the work of the ministry.


Matt.16:19; Acts 2:41-42; I Tim.3:15; I Cor.1:1-3


In Separation

THE BIBLE TEACHES separation in a two-fold sense: To the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word, and From any and all groups, organizations, churches, para-churches, evangelistic endeavors, mission boards or missionaries, cults, individuals, or movements (Ecumenical, Neo- Orthodox, Neo- Evangelical, Modernism, Post-Modernism, Prosperity ‘Gospel’, ‘Name it and Claim it,’ Charismatic, Faith-healers) that dilute, deny, distort, cause doubt upon, compromise, or ignore the historic

Christian fundamentals of the faith,

expressed wholly by the Word of God.


Rom.16:17-18; Eph.5:11; II Cor.6:14-17; II John 9-11; Gal.1:6-9;

I Pet.2:9-11; II Thess.3:6,14-15

    In The Last Things

THE BIBLE TEACHES the personal and pre-millennial and imminent return of our Lord in the air to catch away all His children through saving faith in Christ, to Himself BEFORE the Tribulation period begins upon the earth (Pre-Tribulational), and that it teaches that Christ will return to earth with His saints at the close of the Tribulation period, prior to His establishment of the Kingdom age of 1000 years, and that after the 1000 years there will be a judgment of all the lost of all time to determine

their place of torment in the Lake of Fire forever.


I Thess.4:13-17; Rev.4:1; II Tess.2:7-8; Rev.19:11-21;20:1-6;11-15

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