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Alaska 2016

Pastor Kyle Sullivan

July 13th - July 23rd

This summer adults and college students from Grace Baptist Church will travel to Ketchikan, Alaska to ministry alongside of Pastor John Judson.

The team will be working on the church facilities in minor repair, pressure washing and painting as well as participating in a dock ministry.


Ketchikan is a popular tourist destination for cruise ships. Up to 4000 people venture into the streets of Ketchikan to shop and sightsee. Pastor Judson meets these folks with the gospel. He has had opportunity to share the gospel with people from all over the world. Participants on this trip will have the opportunity to share the gospel each day with 1000's of people.


A second opportunity the team will have will be to host basketball clinics and a 3v3 tournament in the village of Metlakatla. This is a native American Indian reservation of about 1,400. They love basketball! This will be a great outreach for the church there on the island and simple way to share the gospel each day at the clinics and evening tournament.

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